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A Small Request

A Small Request

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mike, seagull
Now, guys, I don't ask a lot, I don't need a lot, but I have a small request for any of you with any kind of liking of history, computing, cryptography, engineering etc.  Bletchley Park was an area of Britain where during WW2 coded messages of the axis powers were sent to be cracked.  It is here that the first computers of the modern era were born, and it is here that it is alleged the war was won for the allies.

After the war Bletchley was left almost derelict, lost and alone, but renovation took place to save this important British monument.  Sadly the money to save Bletchley has almost run out, and without support it will fail, and go back to the disrepair of its former lost days.  There is a petition to try and save it, it takes seconds to sign, and I'd very grateful if one or two of you could put down your names to save something that should be a monument to the world, and how sometimes "Military Intelligence" is not a contradiction in terms.

I realise it's not helping starving children, or rebuilding the education system, but it is still a token gesture in keeping one of the greatest historical sites of the modern era from becoming just another set of rotten, and decayed buildings in the countryside.

Bletchley has burned and been abandoned once...please, don't let it happen again.

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