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Update time!

Update time!

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mike, seagull
Now, those of you out there in the wonderful land of Oz might be wondering what's happened to me since JULY 29TH and my "I have a job" post.

Well, let's see....I qualified for the World of Warcraft National Championships, and am just a hair off qualifying for the World Championships (which would put me amongst the top 20-30 in Britain) on an automatic place.  It's all cool, but due to various reasons the nationals weekend is going to be a MASSIVE pain in the arse.

Next up, I went to Amecon...and it was awesome.  Got to have a good old "taunt the Goran" session, and ensure his friends from Basingstoke were told the tales of Goran the Adventurer, The Van Headbutt, and many many more, some of them were in tears of laughter and almost begged me to stop when I got to the bit about serious brain injuries.  I also spent WAAAAAY to much money, but got a lot of stuff I wanted, including the whole of Chevalier d'Eon for £40, not bad.  Oh, and the whole of Gundam Seed for £90!  There were also rumours of Slayers getting a UK release, so I say it was one of the more awesome conventions I've been to.  Roll on Ayacon 2009.

Finally, the job.  How have I been doing?  Is it going well?  Dunno, haven't started yet.  Seriously, haven't started.  I wish I had, I mean it's been a month now.  Turns out the guy who hired me has been on holiday....and so unable to deal with me (d'oh), but he emailed me today to say I could start Monday....WOOOOOOOO!!!!  Now for the bit where I curl up over the terror of being in the workplace, and recoil in fear over social interaction....oh wait....working with other nerds.....shouldn't be too bad then.  If I can't find another gaming, anime, or TCG nerd to deal with then you can call me Julia, and kick me up the arse.

Right, that's all for now, stuff to do etc.

  • Surely...

    ...that can't be ALL that you've done in a month??

    I feel like having a sing-song right now...

    Goran... The adventurer! Goran... Warrior without fear!...

    - Andy.
    • Re: Surely...

      Listen, sunshine, unless you want a blog posting that includes "Put the washing out", and "Did some recycling" that's about all you're getting.

      Besides, I thought I'd keep it short and sweet.
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