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Dear idiot video-gamers...

Dear idiot video-gamers...

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mike, seagull
Please, for the love of all that is holy STOP whining about downloadable content.  Yes, at the moment I am referring to Capcom's Resident Evil VS mode, and believe me you all need to shut up.

Firstly Capcom gave you a packed game full of extras, it got high reiew scores and ridiculous sales...people loved it.  They felt like they got their money's worth out of it...but then along came Capcom and said "Right, if you want multiplayer that releases a bit after launch and costs £3.40 because we had to spend extra time developing and testing it as a separate team, then we had to pay to have it certified by MS separately...we even had our own budget given to us by Capcom to make the mode"

£3.40 is not a back breaking amount considering gamers have payed up to £17 for maps...it's not even a mildly infuriating amount....it's less than the cost of a chicken chow mein!  But no, people are ANGRY because it's just an unlock code that uses assets on the disc to make something that should have been in the game, it makes them VERY VERY ANGRY....

Here's a piece of news....software companies have been doing this for years....giving you one set of content at one price and a second at another all on the same disc...they will still be doing it long after you stop playing so really stop giving us all this "WE OWN THE WHOLE DISK" rubbish because what you own is the disc itself NOT the right to every asset on there...if that was the case then you could copy it and sell it on without fear of prosecution.

People keep complaining about unlock codes for this and that....guess what...more often than not thos features would NEVER have seen the light of day without the knowledge that DLC would be an option.  It's true, talk to people from the games industry....if they can release a technically finished game and move on that's good...and they do....but now they have the opportunity to expand that game for people willing to front up a bit more cash...which costs them less, has less turnaround time, and is (get this), less risky than sinking 3-4 years into a new game.

If you don't want the content DON'T BUY IT....if you don't buy it sales figures are low and it's not worth providing new DLC.  It's not a hard equation, it's democracy in action, vote with your feet and buy a game that DOESN'T have DLC instead, buy a new car, buy an ice cream for all I care but please don't whine about an extra £3 for a mode not provided in previous games for free either.
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    I've personally not bothered with the Vs "add-on" because I've never really enjoyed the Mercenaries element of a Resi game. I do regularly purchase DLC though such as costume packs for Street Fighter 4, and map packs for Halo and Gears. I think what most people have beef with was the timing of the release and announcement of Vs; had they have delayed the release by maybe 2 months, I don't think too many would bitch and moan about it. The hullaballoo over Resi 5 would have died down and only serious Resi fanatics would opt in. It would certainly be interesting to see the attach rate for the number of copies Resi 5 has sold along with how many people have purchased Vs mode.

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