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mike, seagull
Well, the first week of the job is over and I am PUMPED.  I love my job.  No, seriously.  It's IT based, and it's stuff I at least SORT of know, at least I know enough to be able to fix basic problems, and know what I need to refer to other people.  It's working in schools, so there's very little comeback for downtime, and a huge feeling of success when you can get something done.  And you know what?  I love it, I really do.

Monday was shadowing Anton (Pretty much my immediate superior) round two schools with wholly disparate problems.  Biggest surprise of the day had to be the moment where they told me I was having a work laptop and phone, that really got me.  But anyway, I did feel a little out of my depth here, I'll be honest.  There was a lot of stuff about SmartBoards, projectors, and cloning that it was very hard to understand without getting my hands into it.  I'm still not fully up on the notion of Sysprep and Pre-Sysprep images but I expect I'll get there over October half term.....if not sooner.

Tuesday was more of the same, except I got to go to East Park Infants (one of "my" schools).  Now, it's a nice school, very simple layout, and some very nice staff, but they look like they've been a bit beleaguered by some bad IT from a previous technician (Active Directory is poorly setup, the server password security is AWFUL, some of the machines simply won't work) but all in all they have a functional little system there.

Wednesday was more of the same school, and the first time I was left on my own with jobs to do.  It was VERY scary (if I'm honest), but probably good for me because too much hand-holding is a bad thing.  Moved a wireless point from one part of the school to another and got it setup, also replaced a projector lamp (which was scary as FUCK because I'd never dealt with projectors before)...simple enough in the end, but looking like you know what you're doing in front of a class of 5 year olds is a strange experience.

Thursday was spent with me going back to base after a mixup with where I was going, and from there on to Elston Hall, and another school I forget....but it's all good experience.  I'm slowly starting to get some idea of what is and isn't expected by school people at this point.

Today, the morning was back at East Park Infants....which is sort of my home at this point.  I helped out with a broken projector again, diagnosed a dead box, scheduled a reboot for the server, and also put on an admin account for me so I have no fear someone will unlock my machine and play silly buggers with the servers.  I also "Fixed" the wireless access point I had installed on Wednesday that there was NO PROBLEM with....it was more a problem with the fact the teacher's laptop was going off to next door's wireless instead of his own.  Lunch was to be had in the Merry Boys pub in Bilston.  It's cheap and cheerful, massive props to Anton for buying me lunch , got to be introduced to Mike, and reintroduced to Mike.  Yes, it's going to be a running joke.  We have Mike Chui, Mike Smith, and Mike Chomyk...we're all on the same team....oh that's fun for the phonebooks and PDAs of the world.

Overall....I've been busy, I've been tired, and I've been poor (the jobcentre has delayed my last payment, and I have ZERO money till work pays me)...but I love my job.  I could have gone for a higher paid job in the MOD.....but that was phone tech support...and you know what...I like people...meeting them, advising them, helping them.  That's why I love it, I'm not stuck in one office all day every day....I'm always BUSY...it's something I need.  I've actually got a reason to get out of bed in the morning and drive on out....I LOVE having a purpose.

If nothing else it's giving me a good knowledge of the Wolverhampton ring road and the m54!
  • Wow, that sounds really cool!
    I am so so happy for you, isn't it great to enjoy your job :)
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